• 25 sets Cork Coated Disposable Paper Cup with Black Lids 8 oz. UQUOJGAGN

Convenient for Your Busy Days | As nice as it would be to sit down and have an hour to slowly sip your coffee, that’s just not the case most mornings. This cup is the perfect match for your get up and go lifestyle.No Need for an Extra Sleeve | When it boils down to it, you want your coffee to be piping hot; not your hands. The natural cork on the outside of these disposable cups keeps you comfortable with every sip.Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor Use | Whether you’re heading into a meeting, or you’re heading to the campground, this disposable coffee cup gives you an easy way to grab and consume your coffee on-the-go.Keeps Your Coffee Hotter for Longer | Your coffee will taste fresher and stay hotter for longer in these cork-lined disposable coffee cups.Fancier Than Your Average Disposable Cup | Grab these for days you don’t want you (or your guests) to look like you just left a hotel. Our cups are more attractive than your traditional disposable coffee cup.

Coffee Cocoa Tea What You Put In This Disposable Coffee Cup is Up to You.

If you have trouble leaving your warm beverage behind, but hate the bulk and hassle of traditional coffee mugs, these natural cork disposable coffee cups are a must-have addition to your kitchen.

Made from sturdy 280g Kraft paper with inner PE lining and attractive, as well as comfortable to touch, cork on the outside, these coffee cups aren’t your average disposable cup. They’re sturdy enough to grasp as you gather your things and walk out the door each morning, yet light enough that you can comfortably hold it in your hand.

The cork outside is the clincher. This unique material is what makes this cup so desireable. For starters, it looks nicer than your average paper cup of Joe. It’s thicker, so you don’t need an extra sleeve wrapped around the sides to keep your hands from burning and your beverage from dropping. And, it’s a friendly material for the environment, which means you can be proud of choosing a convenient option to carry your favorite hot drink.

When you’re done, don’t just toss it in the garbage can – recycle it. Throw your coffee cup away with confidence that it won’t hurt the environment, and with delight knowing you won’t have another dish to wash when you get back home.

Order yours today to see, taste, and feel the difference.

Snug Lids Mean Fewer Spills. Your grab and go doesn’t need to turn into a spill and go fiasco. The lid that comes with these disposable coffee cups fit snugly on top. Not only will the heat stay in but the coffee will too. That means you won’t have to worry about accidentally ruining your day’s outfit as you rush out the door every morning.

Entertaining guests Hosting an office party Want a convenient alternative to your morning routine These cups are designed to make your life easier while treating the environment a little better.

25 sets Cork Coated Disposable Paper Cup with Black Lids 8 oz. UQUOJGAGN

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25 sets Cork Coated Disposable Paper Cup with Black Lids 8 oz. UQUOJGAGN

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