• Samuel's Jerky Chili Pepper Spicy Single Pack ZYBVTFYOU

With a focus on chili peppers, this jerky has a kick, but is just spicy enough.Made by Hand in Small Batches Our beef jerky is nothing like what you will find in stores.High Quality Hand Picked Ingredients.This is The Original. When you think about Real Jerky this is what you imagine.

Ever since I was a young kid, we had homemade beef jerky to snack on. The smell of jerky in the dryer filled our house and we waited with eager excitement for it to be ready. When I grew up and went out into the world, I tried to find quality beef jerky in stores, but even the best stuff on the market didn't compare to our family recipe. After years of frustration we decided to investigate the reasons that a jerky like ours was not available. After consulting with industry experts, we realized to our delight that it was indeed possible to manufacture a product like ours on a larger scale. Samuel's Jerky Traditional Flavor is the result of this adventure. Our jerky is made from sliced beef that has simply been seasoned and dried. We don't add a bunch of sugar and filler. With our jerky, you know you are eating real meat. We hope you like it as much as we do. Premium Beef: Samuel's beef jerky is made with only the best cuts of me we can find so you can have the best flavor imaginable. No corners were cut in the making of our premium jerky, only high quality, top of the line beef. Hand Picked Natural Ingredients: Our seasoning and marinade are made with high quality ingredients hand selected by Samuel himself. We guarantee that each bite you take will be just as good as the first. Healthy and Nutritious: Samuel's jerky is a great high protein snack that is very low in fat to provide optimal fuel to get you through the day. This Jerky makes a great low carb or paleo snack.

Samuel's Jerky Chili Pepper Spicy Single Pack ZYBVTFYOU

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Samuel's Jerky Chili Pepper Spicy Single Pack ZYBVTFYOU

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